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August 11, 2018

August 11, 2018

On the other hand Eddie Ndichu shared a photo of the cake with a simple caption that read; “More Cake!!!! #BirthdayWeekend #BirthdayMonth.” Evaline Momanyi shared this loving message to her hubby on the big day; “It’s my husbands birthday!! 🎊🎉🎉🎊🎊!! Happy birthday @mwaurasworld Love you forever bff 💚💚💚 And happy birthday to bro @ .ed … we love you all and appreciate you!! May God bless you with. Lilian and Nevaton began dating after filing for her divorce in 2016 seven years after her profile pink and white society wedding in which her white vintage bridal car was followed by a convoy of six E-class Mercedes Benzes to the Windsor Golf and Country Club in Ridgeways Nairobi Lilian filed for divorce at the Chief Magistrate’s Court at Milimani Nairobi in Divorce Cause No 19 of 2016 in which she claimed her husband was adulterous having cheated on her with several women before deserting her She also claimed Kanene was a man of unpredictable moods ungovernable temper and violent in nature thus making her life in the to be shrouded in fear In her verifying affidavit signed in Kiambu County Lilian now 36 humbly prayed the court that “the said with the respondent be hereby dissolved” and the cost of the petition paid by the respondent (Kanene) The couple had a six year. She also has a series dubbed #IAmMotherhoodForFathers where she shares testimonies of people who narrated their stories on their relationships with their dads and what they love and appreciate about them Here are the men she is celebrating today:   She has finally opened up why she is always reluctant on sharing her family photos online. 7. Lilian Muli is a party animal and is regularly spotted at Brew Bistro club located along Ngong Road in the company of different men But she is at most times spotted with Shabana FC Chairman Jared Nevaton who is alleged to be the cause of her marital problems Jameson is her favorite drink and after taking too many she hits the dance-floor and unleashes crazy dance-moves Her close friends are now worried that her thriving career may be going to the dogs thanks to her crazy party life and alcohol addiction Sources at Citizen TV indicate that she once went to work smelling slight booze from a distance and threw some tantrums at one boss But she is a treasure to SK Macharia’s station and that’s why they can’t fire her easily We hope she doesn’t one day get wasted Lilian Muli Contacts Twitter: @lillian_muli She is also giving her haters a warning to keep off her post as she is not welcoming them in. Sameeramerllahi @officialjanetmbugua especially the previous post! I was wondering when you had another one! Janet Mbugua also took time to share her comments regarding the similarity with the lady; Fair to say that @cheche254 is somewhat of my doppelgänger? 😆It’s refreshing to meet young mothers who are parenting best as they can including breastfeeding their babies despite what some of their peers may say When Osborne was taking the photo of her Breastfeeding even I freaked out for a while! I was like ‘that looks. Lilian Muli started her career in 2005 at KTN where she interned in the production department After trying and doing several screen tests to no avail she finally got her big break when she was sent to deliver scripts and in the process left the panel of judges impressed She found her way to the TV Screen In December 2010 Lilian quit working at Standard Group’s KTN and moved to Royal Media Services’ Citizen TV She had worked at KTN for six years In Citizen TV she has hosted a number of Shows like the Famous SlimPossible Show One on One Show after Friday’s 9PM news and Fashion Watch on Saturday after the 9PM news Lilian Muli Salary Details about Lilian Muli salary will be updated soon. Lilian Muli was born on 4th May 1982 She is a renown senior news anchor at Citizen TV in Kenya Lilian Muli Kanene pursued her education at Loreto Convent Msongari and later joined Daystar university for her Communication and Journalism course She also pursued her MBA in Strategic Management at the University of Nairobi. Janet wrote accompanied by the photo below Also read. Grace Msalame’s baby daddy recently tied the knot to the love of his life Evaline Momanyi Their wedding was the talk of town The two had been dating for a really long time although they weren’t about the public life One thing about them is that they are very humble and live a quiet life Evaline is such a beautiful lass and Mwaura is definitely lucky to have her If you follow her on social media you’ll agree with me that she is definitely a stunner and she’s quite a sight to see In case you don’t follow her on social media here are some photos that prove Evaline is a stunner: Lilian and Moses Kanene have one son called Joshua who was born in Muli is rumored to be divorced However Lilian has never come out clean on the a one-on-one interview with Jeff Koinange he came with his books which he wanted to give to Lilian Muli Jeff asked if he can include Kanene while signing the book She requested Jeff not to include the name Kanene In another instance Lilian Muli wrote a post on Facebook after her rumors went round that she had divorced she wrote her haters off saying that her was intact asking that if she was married why then would she use her husband’s name During their marital bliss in early 2010 and 2011 Lilian would state her name on during TV news as Lilian Muli Kanene but after their aledged separation she no longer mentions the name Kanene The two separated due to infidelity issues and sources indicate that the sexy screen-siren has even moved away from her husband’s house. Caroline Mukundi: Do you both sometimes feel the pressure to live or conform to a certain way of life that the people expect you to live? Lorreen Ritho: What are some of the challenges you and your husband face during the courtship period?? Benson Onyango: Is your husband cheating on you?  . While slay queens were busy choking on shisha and guzzling alcohol as if the end times were here Royal media services female employees (both current and former) were having a reunion These top media personalities who always leave us glued to the TV and radio watching and listening to them tell us what’s happening around the globe over the weekend made fashion headlines They threw a surprise party for their ex colleague which many have mistaken for an early baby shower The heavily pregnant former news anchor who is expecting her second child has been keeping a low profile and this was the first time she was appearing in public This came as a surprise to and she broke down. Updated: .2018 Popular Citizen Tv news anchor Lilian Muli has finally addressed the bar scuffle that went viral after she was captured on camera insulting a waitress by a reveler at a watering hole in Nairobi Speaking to True Love Muli opened up about the meltdown that got Kenyans baying for her blood saying that she was going through a dark period after separating from her husband and had no one to turn to “I started drinking a lot when I left Josh’s dad I had moved from Karen got a new life with Josh but one day after three years I realized that I was actually separated and trying to wear a face that everything was okay; all while still looking good on TV,” said Muli Muli stated that the verbal altercation with the waiter was a culmination of among many factors and when it hit social media it got her thinking. A few months ago she was really afraid of turning 30 but Anerlisa is embracing the third floor already As we all know Anerlisa is one stylish lady who swims in lavish designer clothes and expensive machines and her birthday was all that and more The all white and gold themed event was attended by the who is who is the industry even though the venue is not yet known as of the publication of this piece Janet Mbugua Betty Kyallo Gladys Shollei Eric Omondi Yvonne Darcq Willy Paul King Kaka are some of the celebrities who graced the star studded birthday party. Janet Mbugua has been away on social media for a few days now and she’s back with a reason Make that with a good vibe on and very curious The former TV news anchor asked her followers what kind of questions they would like to ask about her and her husband Eddie Ndichu In a post she hinted that she could be working on some interesting stuff “I know I’ve been a bit quiet on social media…will explain soon! In the meantime I have a strange question but one that I’m curious about all the same: if my hubby and I were ever to do a Q&A what questions would you have for each of us? Planning to shoot a Q&A soon.” Janet Mbugua is a down to earth woman who hasn’t let fame get to her and keeps everything about her life decent Janet Mbugua Reveals How Some People Find Her Boring Because She Doesn’t Love Drama Or People That Come With It So recently she was spotted wearing a black blazer dress donned with black and leopard prints ankle boots which revealed her toned and sexy legs Janet Mbugua has amazing legs and fashion taste and the comments just tell. Jared leads a somewhat private life and not many know about him He is a flamboyant businessman said to be the chief financier of Shabana FC In a past interview with the Nairobian Jared confirmed having worked with corporates in the US He also has local and international investments. Wishing Happy Birthday to an amazing intelligent & beautiful woman Janet Mbugua Ndichu! May this year be one of focus purpose continued growth & fulfilment! Love & blessings huneeee @officialjanetmbugua 😙😙😙💙💙💙👑👑👑 Informationcradlekenya Information Guide

Now away from that Evaline Momanyi recently unveiled one of her beautiful sisters as she congratulated her on her Masters Graduation in South Africa sharing a pretty a photo of her with this sweet caption; Congratulations my beautiful sister on your Masters Graduation from UCT! Very well deserved!!! For now… y’all enjoy Capetown!! #Graduation#Vacay# RewardYourself#FolksHoliday#MyFamily There’s no doubt that cuteness and beauty runs in their family Check out photos of her stunning sister below Note the resemblance. On Saturday 5th September Lillian Muli and her fiance tied the knot in a colourful garden wedding held at Windsor Golf Course The wedding was presided over by Pastor David Kabibi It was a pink and white themed wedding A convoy of six E-class Mercedes Benzes Among the bridesmaids was Lillian’s colleague at KTN and chummy Cynthia Nyamai The bride arrived at Windsor Golf Course in a white vintage car with pink ribbon to be greeted by approximately 200 guests The newly-weds signed a certificate but unwittingly they also signed up to being a public company Henceforth their lives could be bought and sold on social media The Weavers Band later entertained guests by playing sentimental love songs in keeping with the mood of the day They later went for their honeymoon in Seychelles. Her fans appreciated her remarks with the following responses; elsie_essie: They grow up so fast!!just the other day he was so little…Good work mama🙌🙌it’s never easy raising kids…my lo is 6months #stillLearning lynne_ngugi: I think my secret is just not to over think it live one day at time share moments and just live My daughter is 2.3 and another miracle on the way by end of next month Ild go crazy if I gave things as much thought as I probably should One day at time You’ve got a great family And thanks for being a woman I can look up to! idah_alisha: Aawww my love! I don’t know what’s more beautiful… that message or the people in the picture… you are doing good mammi! Keep it up I will need tips from you in the maybe near future! #ProudOfYou She then went on to ask fans to share their experiences and solutions to this giving women a lot of courage to share sensitive details about motherhood and challenges they have experienced. Janet Mbugua is surrounded by some of the most amazing men and she has on many occassions shared with us how much she loves them When she gave birth to baby Huru her life changed and she has not shied away from sharing how much the little one has turned her life around Today’s Fathers Day and everyone is wishing their dads a happy Fathers Day and appreciating them for being in their lives Janet is not one to be left behind as she shared with us the men she is celebrating today. A picture of Janet showing off her ‘saggy breasts’ left many wondering who the gown designer was and they took to social media to troll her See what. There are those Facebook posts that make us laugh and there are those that slide deep into our hearts The latter is the kind of post that Janet Mbugua put up back on December 30th 2017 A lot of guys on my Facebook timeline have already shared it Janet Mbugua dispels rumors her salary was Sh800,000 In the message she tells her fellow women that being pretty is not enough to keep a man Check it out: Here’s. #mood 🤗🤗 Thank you all so much My heart is full and I’ll try respond to as many of your bday posts as I can! I had flower walls amazing conversations leading up to something exciting AND lots of love and support! “Please leave out any negativity this page is for people who LIKE my page not those that follow just to leave annoying and offensive comments.” Hotties! Meet JCC pastor Kathy Kiuna’s handsome sons-in-law Here are some of the questions her followers would like to ask… Cyndy Cynt: Did you ever confuse your husband and his twin? And did they ever set a Prank on you? Mary Kala: Do you two have arguments and so far have u ever faced any great challenge and felt like u want to. Francis interjects while staring at Jedida "We both came from very strict religious backgrounds and the missionaries were against boy-girl interactions.""I was encouraged because her parents were deeply religious and they understood that my intentions were genuine They agreed and we got married at a lovely church ceremony in 1961 I actually did not pay any dowry," Francis remembers his eye seeing to drift back five decades first hurdle was poverty since they had nothing apart from the love they shared with each other Stay informed while on the go by subscribing to the Standard Group SMS service Text the word 'NEWS'.

“Friday afternoon in Novem a stranger showed up at the KTN offices It was just minutes after the lunchtime news bulletin and one of Kenya’s most talked about news anchors Lillian Muli had just completed her routine news reading This tall stranger bearing a cake a bouquet of flowers and a tiny box was set to change Lillian’s day Before her colleagues Lillian’s love-struck boyfriend of four years went down on one knee reached out for her hand and said the magic words: “Will you. Former Citizen TV news anchor Janet Mbugua is a force to reckon with not only is she a top celebrated media personality but also a brand ambassador and a doting mother and wife After quitting her TV job Janet Mbugua has been focusing on her new deal after she was appointed the Lifebuoy Help a Child Reach 5 Ambassador and talking about motherhood on her blog Janet Mbugua Reveals How Some People Find Her Boring Because She Doesn’t Love Drama Or People That Come With It Away from the spotlight Janet Mbugua is a caring and loving mother to her cute son Ethan Huru Ndichu and an amazing wife to banker Eddie Ndichu.   “I had a public meltdown I screamed at someone at a restaurant and a patron recorded the entire incident which later went on social media Now if there is someone who gets affected by social media it would be me Something like that really gets to me and grounds me to the point I can lock all my doors and really hibernate,” added Muli She added that her friends kept away leaving her to fall on the shoulders of her mother and distant friend “It was during this time that I realized my friendships were plastic and basic because apart from my mother and a very distant friend nobody else called to ask ‘How are you holding up? How are you feeling about this? What happened?’ Instead everyone passed judgement and kept away.” The media personality noted that with the negative publicity the video brought she learnt a valuable lesson not to be easily irritable and provoked Source: .ke Despite the fact that Grace Msalame and the father of her children are separated they have managed to co-parent well and have both moved on with. “I’Ll definitely at some time go back to TV but I’m also really building my online brand ’cause that’s where the future lies I am having fun With online you can do anything you can be who you are talk about what you want that’s why you see me being very active online I’ve fallen in love with the digital space I’ll be launching my Janet Mbugua Top 5 YouTube Janet Mbugua and Eddie Ndichu have been married for 2 years now after walking down the aisle at a beautiful ceremony attended by friends and family who came out in large numbers to support the two as they started the new journey. “again I didn’t care because I was pregnant Even my hair had to be a certain way because I couldn’t retouch it because you can’t retouch it when you are in the early stages of pregnancy There were so many things I had to consider around my pregnancy that I was like ‘I know it looks a bit funny but it’s all right my child has to be healthy”   Janet also revealed that she is a strong woman and cannot be moved by trolls “Trolling doesn’t do that much to me because I just feel like you are just projecting stuff that you feel about yourself on me I feel that when you come at me it’s not really about me I think it’s something you are dealing with.” There you have it haters! Paul Ndichu is popularly known as Grace Msalame’s ex-boyfriend and the father of her two adorable and sweet twin daughters Zawadi and Raha who recently graduated from Kindergarten. Mkawajombaagnes: Each day brings new joy Never will you have a dull day You shall never be a pro in raising a family alex_cos_mas: Some women have five kids and they soldier on Janet There is no formula just God’s grace bigfreddy45: Intentional parenting Its very hard But its got to be done.🖒           It is now evident Nevaton is the jogoo who took over after Moses Njuguna Kanene Lilian’s estranged hubby was kicked to the pavement following allegations of “adultery cruelty and desertion” in a divorce case filed at the Milimani Courts on January 7 2016 Nevaton is currently abroad and when contacted by The Nairobian he angrily retorted: “What sort of nonsense is that? Don’t ask me stupid questions,” he hissed before disconnecting the call But he later came to his fatherly senses and called back a few minutes later Calm collected and in more friendly tone Nevaton owned up to being the bloke in Lilian’s life When the question was repeated: “Are you still with Lilian Muli and is her pregnancy yours?” Nevaton responded “Why are you asking me questions about my life? We are very together (sic) This is very personal information.” The family seems to be blessed with the twin DNA as Janet Mbugua also has a twin brother by the name Timothy Mbugua who is currently dating former KTN presenter Edith Kimani. Evaline and Grace Msalame are good friends and both play the role of mothers to the cuddly and pretty twin girls and take time to appreciate. That__Kikuyu__Bebe For a moment I thought it was you then I realized it wasn’t… She looks so you in this picture swahilifood She is! Had to look twice! the.w. .s.a @officialjanetmbugua yes she does!!! I was like “why is Janet breastfeeding someone’s baby girl???” I was already like am sure something happened during one of your sessions and you had to do a “boob job” on behalf of a mum was getting ready for a story 🙌🙌🙌 Yes maybe you could shed some light on wet nursing too? Thank you!! Good job 👏 camreylissa Omg she looks more like you very pretty tinybol_photography_kenya @officialjanetmbugua seriously I previously thought it was you You really look alike I dint even to look on who was behind. Unlike her counterparts who flood social media with photos of family moments Janet holds back with what she calls a very good reason. The Main Story on pages 10 and 11 of Friday Septem of Pulse titled “Lillian weds Moses” just goes to show that – as soon as they exchange their – celeb s are put on a chopping block TV presenter Lillian Muli’s distinct easy-on-the-ear voice commands audiences in millions of Kenyan living rooms But people watch news for different reasons While some viewers hang on to Lillian’s every word others’ covetous blinkers hang on to every curve on her sexy body That main story broke down Lillian’s love story and I bet made every single girl wish to be in her stilettos The reverse is also true: many men wished they were in the skin of Lillian’s lucky boyfriend.   The two are very civil and co-parent well as Paul Ndichu recently walked down the aisle with his lover and now wife Evaline Momanyi in a colourful wedding in May 2017 at the Limuru Gardens. You would not expect them to be friends because they do not act as groupies but away from the screens Julie Gichuru and Janet Mbugua are great friends Well Janet turned a year older yesterday In her Instagram announcement post she was wearing a black ensemble outfit styled by. Now that Lillian has since filed for divorce from estranged husband Moses Njuguna Kanene perhaps they feel it’s time to come out Following Lillian Muli’s ‘Bae’ posts Jared has spoken up about their relationship “I don’t want to talk about personal life Lillian Muli and I have been friends for the longest time and I have never denied that But I think personal life should remain private Entertainment is not my line of business,” said Jared Jared who leads a flashy lifestyle has been bankrolling Shabana FC and his source of wealth has been questioned It has been runmored that he deals with precious metals rumors he denies “I worked for many corporates in the US and I have investments both abroad and here and that doesn’t translate to a flashy lifestyle as many say I’m just a normal and hardworking Kenyan,”. Janet Mbugua is happily married to the love of her life Eddie Ndichu and the two are blessed with a cute baby boy Ethan Ndichu who will turn two years in October The love birds have since been flaunting their love on social media and there’s no doubt that they are happy Eddie Ndichu is a banker and is the head of digital financial services and mobile Payments at KCB Bank Group The hunk also has an identical twin brother by the name Paul Ndichu. To maina and king'ang'i Name * Email Address * Subject * Your Shoutout * Janet Mbugua Ndichu is one of the most celebrated media personalities in Kenya not just because of her beauty but her hard work and achievements The former Citizen TV news anchor is doing just fine after quitting her job at the media house to focus on her side hustles and motherhood and I have to say it totally suits her Janet Mbugua is currently helping mothers and mothers-to-be by sharing her experiences after welcoming Baby Ethan Huru back in October 2015 which has been received well by women and even. Loading Track Loading Artist Speaking of her going back to TV Janet said she may have gone off screen to focus on other projects but she’ll eventually go back to the screens as a presenter. There’s no doubt that the family has a history of twins which is why Grace Msalame and Paul Ndichu were blessed with the cutest twin daugters Zawadi and Raha who recently graduated from Kindergaten. Lilian and Jared have made several public appearances together The 2014 AFC Leopards 50th Anniversary is the first event the pair were seen together in public A year later they were at Kenyatta Stadium Machakos cheering Shabana FC At the time the two categorically stated that they were just friends who had known each other for some time Well the friendship seems to have aged like fine wine Lilian shared several pictures of her and Jared on Instagram including during her birthday party last year but later pulled them down According to the Nairobian Jared Nevaton is the father of the expected Lilian Muli daughter Even though Jared referred to Lilian as his wife the two have not confirmed whether or not they are married. Family is very important to Janet and her fans are always left wanting to know more about them The Inua Dada Founder and handwashing campaigner is now letting us in on a big secret. To her it was just another ordinary afternoon at the KTN studios But Njuguna Kanene bearing a cake a bouquet of flowers and a tiny box was set to change Lillian’s day Before her colleagues Lillian’s love-struck boyfriend of four years went down on one knee reached out for her hand and said the magic words: “Will you marry me?” What followed was an emotional scene Lillian burst into joyous tears and turned the newsroom into a scene straight out of a Mexican soap opera A few minutes later Lillian was showing off an engagement ring from her husband to be Moses Njuguna ended Articles The best part is how they are able to be so cordial and mature about everything Grace Msalame and Paul’s wife Evaline Momanyi are good friends and respect each other with no drama and complications ‘He Has Never Been a Dead Beat Dad ‘ Grace Msalame Sets The Record Straight “Babies got their kindergarten Diploma today!! Don’t joke!! So proud of my love babies and so happy to be part of this day! @mwaurasworld and @sowairina … great job on the babies!!! Sasa ….twende kazi,” wrote Momanyi as she congratulated. Singer Beyonce has released a new video for the song ‘Freedom’ in honor of the International Day of The Girl Child The day marked on October 11th aimed to rally the world to ending child s making sure girls stay in school and ending all forms of violence In the video young girls from across the world can be seen lip synching to the song and it was shared on her social media with a heart felt plea to the world The star wrote; ‘“Today is #DayoftheGirl Girls around the world are fighting for their freedom every day.” Check out the video below and learn more about International Day of the Girl at Chime for Change and the Global Goals Tv personality Janet Mbugua has been a household name for the longest time The proud mother of one has been missing in action on TV and her fans miss her dearly So what has life been like for her away from the silver screen? “Usually it’s meetings phone calls and emails in the morning ’cause I am attached to an organisation that is abroad,” she said “So it’s looking at the emails they sent before and trying to plan my day My days don’t have a routine that’s what I love They’re usually fluid I spend the mornings with my son; sometimes I take him with me but if I can’t just go on with my day which is filled with activations events… I may be going to a school with Lifebuoy or going to record an interview In the evenings it’s constant emails and calls back and forth I ultimately feed my son and put him to bed My days change but the themes are constantly. The former Citizen TV journalist has been focusing on her personal projects which include her role as Lifebuoy Help A Child Reach 5 Ambassador and as Red Cross Communications director as well as her blog where she shares her experiences as a mother after quitting her job Janet Mbugua is also a mentor to a lot of young mothers and mothers-to-be on her I Am Motherhood series where she talks about all things motherhood and experiences in. Celebs lifestyles are fodder for some bloggers Lillian has heard it all and has over the years learned to roll with the posts She has been subject of gossip and has been intimately linked to numerous famous men Heck some bloggers are god: they know the exact number of hairs on her freaking weave Lilian Muli Divorce Sexy television anchor Lilian Muli filed for divorce This should now settle rumours which have swirled around her marital status like a live broadcast without a sound The Citizen TV senior prime time anchor whose easy-on-the-ear voice glues audiences by the millions in living rooms married Moses Njuguna Kanene in a highly publicised pink and white themed society wedding in September 2009 Highlights of the ceremony included a white vintage bridal car that was followed by a convoy comprising six E-class Mercedes Benz cars to the Windsor Golf and Country Club in Ridgeways. Lilian Muli is the second born of his late father Henry Muli and Peninah Muli Her mother is still alive and lives in Bangkok Thailand Her father was a prominent Lawyer Lilian Muli’s husband is called Moses Njuguna Kanene Moses Kanene proposed to Lilian in a very dramatic way One memorable Friday afternoon in Novem Moses showed up at the KTN offices It was just minutes after the lunchtime news bulletin and Lillian Muli had just completed her routine news reading. 5 Well in an interview with Kalekye Mumo on Talk Central Janet Mbugua revealed that she was pregnant and that’s why she didn’t wear a bra on her wedding day “I had those…what do you call them? Cup holders it’s like there is barely any balance!” Adding; Grace Msalame’s baby daddy Paul Ndichu married the love of his life Evaline Momanyi back in May 2017 at a colourful wedding held in Limuru Gardens The colourful and elegant wedding affair was attended by their friends and family including his twin brother and Janet Mbugua’s husband Eddie Ndichu as well as Janet’s twin brother Timothy Mbugua. 2. Media personality Janet Mbugua Ndichu is known for her amazing personality; a talented and outspoken TV news anchor and journalist who always keeps viewers glued to the screens The beautiful former TV queen is also a loving wife to banker Eddie Ndichu after walking down the aisle back in May 2015 in a colorful wedding ceremony at Chaka Ranch A few months later after their much-talked about wedding affair the loving couple were blessed with a bouncing baby boy Ethan Huru Ndichu on the 26th of October 2015. Anerlisa looked stunning in a gold gown with shiny details all over and paired the gown with a gold clutch bag and gold stilettos Willy Paul and Yvonne Darcq also performed for Anerlisa and the crowd Without further ado check out photos from the glamorous event; Missnailantei Stunning sarahkery7632 Dazzling gee_msweet That’s an awesome outfit miskey_abass You are my role model justinenyambura Looking very pretty dalma_auma Awesome look listaz_b_the_first_lady Awwwwwww!! beautiful janet owittijuliet Legs for days! edilliakawira Preety lady shixkapienga Love the look Ma’ Check her below isn’t she lovely? There’s this assumption that media personalities especially those in the TV industry take home big chunks of money every month If you’re working in the media industry people see you as a rich man or woman who is supposed to be living large somewhere in the city’s suburbs driving expensive cars and of course changing fashion every time but that’s not true Former Citizen TV news anchor Janet Mbugua who called it a day at Royal Media Services has finally spoken out about what she used to earn Continue reading “Janet Mbugua dispels rumors her salary was Sh800,000” → Citizen TV news anchor Lillian Muli on Sunday ( .2018) welcomed her second child. Well the motherhood journey has been fun for Janet Mbugua but not without a few challenges Recently Janet Mbugua revealed that she went through a period of post-natal situations that she didn’t know about; #MaternityPads; no one really tells you how much you’ll need them post-birth I learned the hard way! Ever heard of #Lochia? I experienced it in. Updated: .2017 The cat’s finally out of the bag! Citizen TV news anchor Lillian Muli is taken and happily in love Lilian Muli finally unveiled the lucky man in her life on social media by sharing photos with the caption “bae.” She has since taken down the snaps in which she is seen posing next to city tycoon and Shabana FC Chairman Jared Nevaton The two lovebirds have long been rumored to be an item since 2014 when a photo of the couple taken during AFC Leopards 50th anniversary went viral It showed Lilian Muli feeding cake. Lulu Hassan: Congratulations Tc 😚😚😚😚…we luv ya and all the best Officialjanetmbugua: #Reunion ❤💕 Celebrating @ ✨ kiguta: Congratulations TC Wanjiru: Congratulations I’m so happy for you At least Imani will now have a g you God’s blessings ckorirGod bless and congratulations Kunduhb: Congratulations sweetie I don’t know what it’s for I just know whatever it is my gal bauss worked it and you look gorgeous 😍😘 Jemutai_comedian: Awwwwwwww congratulations 😍😍😍😍@ Wishing health blessings and happiness from God Vyoletjoyce: Congratulations dear,I wish you a safe delivery Here are the photos from ’s surprise. All in all Janet Mbugua is a proud mother who loves her son to death and has severally admitted that motherhood has made her see life in a different angle and made her a better woman She recently shared cute photos while feeding her son which goes to show that she always finds time despite her busy schedule Check them out below aren’t they just adorable. The cute couple recently celebrated their second wedding anniversary and other than the few photos they share on social media they keep their private lives under wraps despite being in the limelight. Updated: .2018 Fetching and sassy Citizen TV prime time anchor Lilian Muli who divorced her husband two years ago is pregnant and The Nairobian can now reveal the man who put her in the family way Flamboyant football administrator Jared Nevaton is Lilian’s baby daddy which puts to rest speculations on social media where fellow television anchor Jeff Koinange was asked whether he’s responsible for Lilian’s protruding belly Jeff who is married and is father of one son dismissed the rumours with an elongated expletive on his Twitter handle Nevaton the loaded head honcho of Kisii based soccer side Shabana FC and Lilian have had a steamy affair for more than two years but kept their relationship status. The news was shared as the television station launched its English news bulletin’s new look Her colleague Kiguta made the announcement on set as she introduced the news anchoring team Muli’s second child a boy was said to have been named Liam The news anchor was last month treated to a surprise baby shower by her friends and colleagues but managed to keep the baby’s gender a secret At the beginning of this month she took a social media hiatus to prepare for her unborn child Lillian separated from her husband Moses Njuguna Kanene with whom they have a child named Joshua The mother of two now is on maternity leave as she nurses her newborn She had earlier this month announced that she will be off social media for.

Lilian Muli Son – Lilian Muli Kanene Baby Lilian Muli and Moses Kanene have one son called Joshua who was born in 2010 Lilian Muli Son – Lilian Muli Kanene BabyLilian Muli Age Lilian Muli Kanene was born on. Her husband her dad and her husband’s bother have landed on her list and she has nothing but sweet words to tell them She said “To the Fathers in my life; I am who I am because of you You’re not just our dads you are our world #HappyFathersDay.”   When pressed if he’s the bull responsible Nevaton said “Yes When your wife gets pregnant does one ask who the father is? We are very together (sic) This is very personal information I am out of the country in London but let’s have lunch when I come back.” gadsense_slot_11{ display: inline-block; width: 300px; height: 250px;} (adsbygoogle = oogle || []).push({}); He however requested that we keep “things very personal saying “I don’t think my personal life should be in public domain.” Is there such a thing as oversharing one’s personal life? You be the judge This seems to be one of the concerns expressed by former TV girl Janet Mbugua in a message she penned down recently The stunning beauty is a mother to cute son Ethan Huru and she is also a wife to hunk hubby Eddie Ndichu The family always light up social media when they are spotted together. Well from Lilian Muli to Lulu Hassan to Janet Mbugua these media girls indeed made the event look better compared to most parties we have ever seen It was a white and blue affair only These sexy ladies donned some of the most expensive clothes shoes and even designer shades with Janet Mbugua stealing the show She wore hot pants a pair of white sneakers and a fancy top leaving her ‘voted the best dressed’ could not hide her excitement and she took to social media to thank her former colleagues for their act of kindness and love   “About today This is Love! Thanking all my girls for showing me what friendship and family really is about Here’s to Life Love and Family ❤❤❤❤,’ she wrote Those who graced the event and ’s followers also took to social media to congratulate her and we can’t wait to see her download Here are some of the reactions; In 2015 they attended a football match between Shabana FC and Nakumatt FC at Machakos Stadium further fuelling the rumors gadsense_slot_14{ display: inline-block; width: 300px; height: 250px;} @media (min-width:400px) { gadsense_slot_14 { width: 336px; height: 280px; } } @media (min-width:800px) { gadsense_slot_14 { width: 728px; height: 90px; } } (adsbygoogle = oogle || []).push({}); They however both came out to dispel the rumors saying they were just friends. More Stories The TV girl has a personal blog where she shares her motherhood journey that includes her struggles highlighting issues that women are afraid to talk about She shares her stories to encourage others to open up Other than that Janet Mbugua is also currently working as Lifebuoy Help a Child Reach 5 Ambassador a campaign encouraging Kenyans to regularly wash hands to cut infant mortality “NO YOU ARE TOO PRETTY” Janet Mbugua Reveals Why She Never Wanted To Date Her Now Hubby Eddie Ndichu And How They Met Aside from being a working mum Janet Mbugua is a doting mother who finds time for her son Ethan Huru and her banker husband Ethan Ndichu. Paul Ndichu Janet Mbugua’s brother-in-law and his wife Evaline Momanyi have been blessed with a bouncing baby girl The power couple who tied the knot last year welcomed their bundle of joy a day ago and named her KWANZA meaning First The name is unique and it seems the Ndichus followed in singer Bahati’s footsteps after he named his daughter Heaven Paul Ndichu is Janet Mbugua’s husband’s twin brother and Grace Msalame’s baby daddy Janet Mbugua is happy to become an aunt again and she took to social media to share the great news with the world “She has arrived the beautiful baby Kwanza Congratulations to my sis and bro Evaline and Paul God bless your family ❤️” The Nairobian can exclusively reveal that Lilian filed for divorce at the Chief Magistrate’s Court at Milimani in Nairobi on January 7 2016 citing “adultery cruelty and desertion” as reasons for calling it quits In divorce case No 19 of 2016 Lilian claims that her husband is adulterous having cheated on her with several women before deserting her. Lilian said in her petition that in their troubled and turbulent Kanene had on numerous occasions treated her with utmost cruelty and deserted her to live with unknown woman or women in Kiambu County “To compound the said cruelty the respondent deserted the matrimonial home and has been living an adulterous life and committing adultery with various women and the has irretrievably broken down.” Source: SDE Lilian Muli pregnant Updated: .2018 Popular Citizen Television news anchor Lilian Muli is pregnant According to a reliable source close to the sassy TV queen Muli is expectant with baby number two and she is keeping all the details on the matter. In May 2015 celebrated media personality Janet Mbugua and her husband Eddie Ndichu exchanged in a colourful wedding ceremony that took place at Chaka Ranch in Nyeri The classy wedding was attended by family members and close friends only among them DJ Lite Jacque Maribe Edith Kimani Grace Msalame Dj Adrian just to mention but a few Photos of Janet Mbugua’s nuptials were posted on social media by some of the guests but all didn’t go well Many especially women criticised the former Citizen TV presenters big day claiming that ‘it was. “What followed was an emotional scene Lillian burst into joyous tears and turned the newsroom into a scene straight out of a Mexican soap opera A few minutes later Lillian was showing off an engagement ring from her husband-to-be Moses Njuguna Kanene.” Lilian Muli was barely 23 when she met and fell in love with Moses The pair stuck together through the ups and downs highs and lows Many of us know the severe scrutiny judgment and slander that come with being a screen siren Which means that while dating and after exchanging the their relationship would be tested more times – and more virulently – than an AIDS vaccine. Recently she introduced a young mother who believes in breastfeeding in public and surprisingly most of her fans confused her with Janet Mbugua because of their uncanny similarity “At 22 Cheche’s baby face makes a lot of people do a double-take when she breastfeeds her daughter in public,” she captioned the photo Some of the fans actually thought it was Janet Mbugua. Okay back to the twins Eddie and Paul Ndichu The brothers turned a year older and to celebrate the big day their families came together for a gathering with a beautiful cake for the two “#HappyBirthday,❤” wrote Janet Mbugua alongside a photo of the hubby and the brother Earlier she put this up for her main man; “#HappyBirthday to my lover and friend ❤ God keep you.” Paul Ndichu also shared a picture with his twin sibling with this sweet message; “Family made it a great weekend…happy birthday bro 👊🏾🇰🇪😎to.